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Cody Kennedy

naturopath nutritionist

natural treatment
for cancer & chronic disease

nutrition | naturopathy
oncology | complex disease

helping people get better
using evidence based medicines

Who I help

Naturopathy for Cancer

It’s frustrating and confusing surfing the internet for answers. When you are diagnosed with cancer it can be overwhelming.

I support you through this process and guide you through the tough days and weeks ahead. My aim is to reduce the overwhelm and offer you support step by step with an evidence-based approach.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a lonely experience. You may wonder how you will cope, but you will. It’s common to feel overwhelmed as you are thrown into your new diagnosis.

As a naturopath and nutritionist with a special interest in cancer, I can provide you with individualised plans before, during and after your cancer treatment.

I can work alongside your specialist/oncologist as part of your support team

Naturopathy for Chronic Disease

Are you a chronic Googler?

One of the habits I see with people who have a chronic autoimmune disease is the never ending google search for answers! This can lead to more confusion, heightened anxiety and an overwhelming stream of information, some of which may be dubious to say the least.

As a researcher you can trust that I have done all of this for you and with my education and research ability I have sourced the best, most up to date studies on your condition.

What I advise you to do is not based on hearsay or Mary down the road, it is based on solid reputable evidence.

Let me take the stress of the searching from you and provide you with the sources to create healing and reduce your symptoms (naturally).

Your journey is a unique one

Whether you have just been diagnosed or are well into your journey, I can help. Working only in an evidence based way and sorting out the facts from the fiction is part of my job. Feeling heard, understood and supported is something you can look forward to if you allow me to become part of your journey.



How I help


Conducting dietary analysis to optimise and support your body. It’s not just about removing offending foods, often it’s the balance of highly nutritious foods that helps. I can also provide you with individualised meal plans. Dietary needs differ with each auto immune disease and each cancer type, there is no one size fits all.

Herbal medicine

Did you know many of today’s medications originated from plants? There is plenty of evidence to support the use of herbs like turmeric and ginger for inflammation. With my knowledge and degree in herbal medicine I can go much deeper than this, I can work out exactly what your body needs to work in balance and to strengthen immunity. I am equipped to do this safely without any interaction with any medication you are taking.

Individualised Plan

Every person I see leaves my clinic with an individualised plan based on them and their health challenges. No stone is left unturned when I am creating your plan. You will be instructed on nutrition, supplements and how to take them, sleep, stress management, lifestyle and more. I will devise this plan based on your goals, blood tests and nutritional imbalances and your health needs.

Functional testing

Functional medicine means we assess the body and its function allowing us to correct imbalances and restore optimal health. We can offer tests including CRC (circulating tumour cells), gut testing, heavy metal testing, MTHFR gene testing, pyrroles, food intolerance and more. We can also review any bloods done by a GP.

I endeavour to leave no stone unturned when undertaking my investigations.

Results driven

I deliver a service that, put simply, works. My vision statement is, ‘To empower people to make the changes needed for optimal health” and I am dedicated to offering a great service that is driven by results. At the heart of it, I want people to feel better!


My aim is to educate you on how you can achieve optimal health and reduce the symptoms you are currently experiencing. I want to inspire and motivate you to work on your health. I know the outcomes you can achieve will be well worth it. Your lifestyle choices matter, what you eat matters and so does how you cope with stress.

Ready to get started?


What my clients say

Breast Cancer | Kim

Cody is amazing, feel very confident in her skill and knowledge, so happy to have found her!

Google 5 Stars

Lupus | Ursula

Cody is excellent to work with. I love how easy it is to book my appointments through her website. I have her to thank for my Lupus remission and my blood work has never looked better.

If you have been given a Lupus diagnosis, then this is the woman you want to work with!!! Thank-you so much for giving me quality of life back.

Google 5 stars

Bone Cancer | Gavin

Heading into two heavy radiotherapy sessions over three days.

Cody was able to provide me with some great information, along with a structured plan and the supplements to give my body the best chance of dealing with the negative effects of the therapy.

Google 5 stars

Lyme Disease | Garry

Cody was the first person to make the connection between my son’s symptoms and the possibility of Lyme Disease. We are so relieved to have a diagnosis.

Cody has continued to treat him. His pain, nausea, blackouts and seizures have decreased dramatically since we began seeing Cody. I highly recommend Cody.

Google 5 stars