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Naturopathy for cancer

Just diagnosed with cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is an emotionally traumatic experience. The thought of living with cancer and having treatment can be overwhelming. A good support system plays a vital role in your journey and can make all the difference.

I can work with you during and after treatment to ensure you have all your questions answered and to give you the best outcome possible.

I aim to strengthen your immune system, to help protect healthy cells from cancer treatment and to enhance your cancer treatment so it is more effective. Along with this I offer support for both mind and body giving you the best outcome possible.

Having treatment for cancer

If you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer such as radiation or chemotherapy, naturopathy can help by reducing the side effects and enhancing the effects of the treatment.

This is done without interfering with your current regime as we aim to work along side your Oncologist.

What this means is, you end up sustaining your medical treatment for the desired duration, because you are coping better.

We want to make your body inhospitable to cancer so it has no chance to survive.

Life after cancer treatment

Restoring your health and reducing the ongoing adverse effects of radiation and/or chemotherapy will help you lead a fulfilling life after your treatment has finished.

It is often at this stage that we start to ask the big questions, where am I going with my life now? How can I prevent a reoccurrence? This is truly where Naturopathy shines.

There is plenty of research studies highlighting the benefits of naturopathic care after cancer treatment to reduces the chances of a reoccurrence and to minimise the ongoing negative effects of treatment such as fatigue, neuropathy and brain fog.

We also focus on your current lifestyle to see where small improvements can be made.

70% of cancers are developed due to lifestyle, therefore with changes to our lifestyle we can improve cancer outcomes and reduce the risk of reoccurrence. Every small change you do will make a difference!

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